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Debunking Dip Myth 1: Dip Powder is Bad For Your Nails

Debunking Dip Nail Myths one #mirabelearticle at a time

You may have come across some negative opinions about the Dip Powder Nail trend from home or private salon nail technicians on social media, who claim that dip powder is harmful to the nails and unsanitary. However, this is not the case at all, as no nail service can be inherently good or bad for your nails. In fact, dip powder, which is made of acrylic, is no different from gel or acrylic nails, as they all contain similar ingredients. All of these nail services involve preparing the natural nail in the same way and can be removed in the same way as well.

The most important factor in protecting the health of your nails is proper preparation and removal of the enhancement. Improper prep or rough removal, such as ripping off the enhancement, can cause damage to the nails. As the natural nail is made of dead cells once it grows out of your matrix, the only vital aspect of maintaining healthy nails is to take care during the prep and removal process. Dip nails are an easy enhancement to remove and can provide excellent strength to the natural nails, promoting their growth.

When it comes to hygiene, doing Dip Powder nails at home removes concerns about sharing liquids or powders with others, as is often done in salons. With proper hand cleaning and tool cleaning, this service is safe to do at home. After all, think about it: a nail technician doesn't use one gel color on one person only!

Finally, some people have complained about the base liquid being resin. While it's true that resin is a type of glue, the cosmetic-grade resin used in dipping services is not the same as super glue you might find at a store. It has been approved for cosmetic use and has been used as a nail enhancement for years. Many women have even shared their success stories on platforms like YouTube, showing how dip powder has helped them achieve long, strong natural nails.

So, ladies, not only is dip powder like all the other nail services out there, but doing it at home makes it even better, as it becomes a customized service just for you.

With Love

- Megan
(Your Mirabele Nail Tech)